2017 Ferdinand (FOX Studios) Young Guapo-Voice

2017 Stinky & Dirty (TV Series-Amazon) Dirty

2017 Will & Grace (TV Series) Skip

2017 Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie (TV Movie) (Filming) Stinky Peterson

2017 Puppy Dog Pals (TV Series) (Announced) Orby

2017 The Adventures of Catty Wompus (TV Movie) (Completed) Jet Skymaster

2016/2017 Shimmer and Shine (TV Series) Zac

2017 Cupid’s Proxy Justin

2016 Legends of the Hidden Temple

2015 Further Adventures in Babysitting (video) (Post-Production) Bobby Anderson

2015 Changing Seasons (video) (Completed) Bryce

2015 Woodlawn (video) (Completed) Todd Gerelds

2013 – 2015 Bubble Guppies (video) Nonny

2015 Shimmer & Shine (TV Series) Kaz

2014 American Sniper (video) Colton’s friend

2014 A Belle For Christmas (video) Elliot

2013 Marry Me (TV Series) “Scary Me” – Mason

2014 Catch (video) Jimmy

2014 Hot In Cleveland (TV Series) “The Italian Job” – Anthony

2014 Jet’s World (TV Series) Himself (8 episode series)

2014 Complete Works (video) 8-year old Hal (“Now Might I do It Pat” & “A Round Unvarnish’d Tale”

2013 The Little Rascals (video) Spanky

2013 Devil’s Knot(completed) Stevie Branch

2013 Pasadena Cypress

2013 Catch (short) Jimmy

2013 Changing Seasons (TV movie) Bryce

2013 Last Rights the Series (TV movie) Concord

2012 Austin & Ally (TV series) Stevie
Big Dreams & Big Apples(2012)… Stevie

2011-2012 Special Agent Oso (TV series) Aiden / Gabriel / Rudy
Dye Another Egg/Dr. Skip(2012)… Gabriel (voice)

The Sitter Who Watched Me/Potty Royale(2012)… Aiden(voice)

Dr. Throw/Nobody Plays ‘It’ Better(2011)… Rudy (voice)

2012 Bad Girls (TV movie) Aidan

2012 Lukewarm Young Luke

2011 Grey’s Anatomy (TV series) Jack Hobart
Unaccompanied Minor(2011)… Jack Hobart

2011 Hail Mary (TV movie) Billy

2010 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (TV series) Conner Wilson
Lost & Found(2010)… Conner Wilson

2010 Redemption Road Jet